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The Bisley News

The Bisley News has been published for over 30 years and gives both residents and visitors information on what's happening in the area; along with a platform for local businesses to advertise their services to local residents.

Some 500 free copies of The Bisley News are delivered to all Bisley households and there are copies available for collection in the village’s George Stores & Post Office, Stancombe Farm Shop, Holbrook Garage and both the village pubs, The Bear Inn & The Stirrup Cup.

The Bisley News is self-financing with advertising revenue and donations.

If you wish to advertise, submit an article or item of news, please contact the editor Colin Hassall on 01452 770335, add a quick note to the bottom of this page or email him here

On this site you can read, download or print both the latest and previous versions of the magazine.

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Current colour advertising rates are...

Full page £44

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Quarter page £16

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The Bisley News is printed every other month 

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The Editor - Colin Hassall

If you have any forthcomong events, local news, advertising or other questions, please contact me at The Bisley News.

Below are my contact details or you can send a quick message using the form on the right. I will get back to you as soon as possible but please remember that I don't do this full time!

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